Glamping Concept

The Sultanate of Oman is a land of antiquity and of contrasts, and it abounds in natural riches. The Fins project is designed in direct response to a national initiative to promote and capitalize upon international and local tourism in recognition of this diversity. Glamping- a contraction of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping- lightweight, ecological, fully recyclable and low impact on environment The project location is a large, well-proportioned site just to the north of the village of Fins - itself a little north of Sur. The site is effectively flat and mostly level, a few meters above sea level, and with an extensive, beautiful beach frontage as its core attraction. The beach is of white, soft sand with some rocky outcrops, providing easy access to the clear, crystalline water of the Gulf of Oman. Luxury tented accommodation can provide an elegant, unique solution to the conundrum of making productive use of natural environments that we seek to preserve and, in this case, beaches of Fins. The project would create guest accommodation that targets the expanding demand for ‘experiential travel’ and ‘wellness tourism’ The concept of welcoming guests in tented suites provides a new holiday experience of a symbiotic relationship between elegant hotel services and the very heart of nature. Creation of a Glamping Resort provides a potential for an elegant reflection with the integration of modern convenience and luxury.
The particular traits of this project are:

  • Luxury accommodation under canvas (Glamping)
  • ‘Back to nature’ experience against back drop of sea and dramatic mountains
  • Discrete, attentive, professional service appropriate to couples and families.
We believe that the concept design contained in this proposal, combines the best aspects of the site, the regional and historic references of the Sultanate of Oman and the intrinsic qualities of elegant tents to create a World class premium destination.

Design Concept – Wadi And Regions of OMAN

Wadis are symbol of life and prosperity and wadi concept served as an inspiration for a unique destination design. The Design combines representation of Oman’s regions, with the concept of the Country’s celebrated wadis. A typical element representing each region’s heritage and culture will be included in the interior design.
Each Wadi provides for two regions to open up the site and privilege all the guest units with a unique experience of creating “flows” from deep within the site through a sandy path towards the beach.

  • All guests’ units have a view towards the sea, made possible by the Wadi.
  • All guest units have a direct access to the beach along a sandy path of the wadi.
  • All guests have their privacy & seclusion created by planting around the tent decks, but leaving the view open towards Wadi and the sea.

Peace With Nature

The Concept of Fins Glamping Resort provides an ideal means of working with the wellbeing of the environment in mind. Leaving only a “green footprint”, the tents, built predominantly on raised decks, integrate harmoniously with their environment. They offer a solution well adapted to the preservation of the natural landscape with a unique elegance. Ras Al Shajar Sanctuary is a unique natural habitat, founded in 1985 under the umbrella of the Office for Conservation of Environment at the Diwan of Royal Court. It is located between Willayat Quriyat in Muscat and Willayat Sur in Al Sharqiyah region, covering a total area of 93 square kilometers. It is unique for its large and dense vegetation cover and abundance of wild mammals, most notably the Arabian gazelle and the Arabian Tahar. The Reserve facilitates their protection, detects their presence and keeps count of their numbers. Glamping concept is a predominant solution as a concept for a Resort in the immediate neighborhood of the Natural Reserve.